Original food photography
on luxury linen​

Samesyn [afr] -" togetherness"



SAMESYN is a collaboration between Elmarie Berry (recipe developer / food stylist) and Lindy Kriek (photographer / designer) and their idea of creating unique, food inspired home decor and art for likeminded foodies.

Samesyn is an Afrikaans word meaning “togetherness”.

We believe food brings people and cultures together. The fondest memories are made when gathered around a table. Some designs have a nostalgic feel inspired by family recipes and the memories of baking with our grannies growing up.

All photographs used are original, self styled, and inspired by the love of food.

We love mixing family heirlooms into our photographs to give each piece an unique story and to make it truly South-African. Each piece speaks to each individual and herein lies the magic for us, we are all different but food brings us together.

If you love food, homeware, linen and unique art you have to get yours today! We believe the fondest memories are made around a table and therefore all our designs are a celebration of bringing people together through food.


Create your own unique design with our professional stylist and photographer team, we can’t wait to share all we know.

We will help you style / photograph and edit your own unique design and also give you some tips we have learned in the past 4 years. You bring the props (old photographs, heirlooms, favorite flowers or anything you want in the design), we will also bring some magic “ingredients” to add if you wish to use it!

You will receive a high resolution JPEG file of your own design digitally sent to you after the workshop.

A great morning of SAMESYN with creative minds, kindness, sharing and beauty! This is perfect for team building and year end events.


We are welcoming collaborations, creating exclusive designs and product development for individuals and or businesses. Book our Food Photographer & Food Stylist team to create your own unique design.

happy customers

In a world filled with many things; hate,crime and sadness you often seek the beauty in things to make you smile. Ever since I came across Samesyn, I have not stopped smiling every time I see one of their unique proudly African products. It’s made with care and each item speaks of unique creativity that represents this continent I love so much. Samesyn has got it all! And beyond the product the creators  are women who runs a successful business and that alone deserves applause.
Herman Lensing
SARIE Magazine, Food Editor (Cape-Town, South-Africa).
Samesyns’ linnen is exquisite! African chic with European elegance. The quality of print and extraordinary designs makes this an heirloom to treasure or a special gift for someone. Proud of these two special ladies and the beautiful product they produce. When it comes  to quality, design and concept, few can compare with Samesyn linen!”
Annelie Sdralis
(Pretoria, South-Africa)
Samesyn caught my eye one day and these two young women is a duo that is going places. They have a wonderful energy and work in perfect harmony. Their style is classic but with a bohemian flavor. Their compositions is wonderful and practical with their textile applications for ottomans, aprons, linens and printed back splashes. Every home must have a Samesyn product to create harmony and a feeling of luxury with just a table cloth and nothing more but: beautiful tableware and a table full of loved ones, is just what they establish to get done. I am an avid lover of Samesyn!”
Annelien Pienaar
Food Scientist / Food Consultant / Food Blogger / Food Author / Food Science Lecturer