We are falling more and more in love with linen each day but linen has in fact been around for thousands of years, going back as far as Ancient Egypt – where it was used as currency at one stage. It was also in Ancient Egypt that linen once simbolised light and purity and was regarded so valuable that it was even used for mummification and burial shrouds.

Since learning more about the world of linen after starting Samesyn, we totally get why linen was and still is so special today. Combining our love for linen with our food photography, makes it super exciting! Yes we style and photograph all our designs and then digitally print it on linen.

Linen fabric is all natural and made from the fibres of the flax plant which means it’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable – it’s as green as you can get and we absolutely love that! The flax plant uses less water to grow than cotton and basically survives on what is available, it was one of the the first fibres used to make string and cloth. It has almost twice the strength of cotton which makes it more durable.

We love the luxurious feel of linen and the fact that it’s beauty lies in its imperfection. Linen is real, unpretentious and each piece will develop its own character over time. Your print might naturally fade over time as it gets used, that is normal, but we don’t see that as a fault but rather as part of it’s charm and uniqueness. Linen is produced in smaller quantities than that of cotton and also harder to weave due to it’s longer fibres, making it more expensive.

Take care of it, like the art piece it is and enjoy and LOVE it!


Please note direct exposure to sunlight and repeated washing can cause colours to fade. Please read and follow our recommended washing instructions carefully.

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